Suggested Links


Graw II

GRAW Maps - Maps and Mods. Please see the Downloads Page for Maps that AFGM usually use



7 Days to Die - The Website.

7 Days Wiki - The Zombie Killing Wiki.


Battlefield 3 - The Wiki.

Battlefield 4 - The Wiki.


ARMA 3 - Game Info

Breaking Point Map - Oh there I am

Buy Games

Steam - Website for a variety of different games.

Origin - Website for EA Games.


Fraps A free FPS read out and screen record app

Hamachi Virtual Network program

Teamspeak 3 TeamSpeak enables people to speak with one another over the Internet

Teamviewer Remote Desktop program

DropBox File Sharing


Nvidia Nvidia Graphic Card Updates.

AMD AMD Graphic Card Updates.

Parts Online - Australia

These are not recommendations and AFGM do not receive any benefit for suggesting these sites. If you believe a site should be added. Please register to the forums and add the suggestion here

Static Ice - A part comparison Website

MSY - MSY Computers and Parts.

PC Case Gear - Computers and Parts.