Full Version: GRAW2 is back
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G'day all,

I thought I should let you know that gameshare has reverse engineered the old gamespy protocols so that anyone can host dedicated servers and also use the peer to peer functionality that used to be provided by gamespy. I have created a program  to make the process of clients joining the gameshare network a little easer then doing it manually as it's a pain in the ass if you don't know how to add the entry's into you hosts file.

List of live servers HERE and you can download the GRAW2  Launcher from the gamediggers website HERE

If you don't want to use my Launcher? you can add the below text to you hosts file  (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc)

#Checks if the services are ok
#used to communicate through firewall/NAT

Once you have added the entrys to the hosts file, you need to run a cmd (ipconfig /flushdns) or do a reboot, then create a new account just the same way you did when you first played multiplayer. you can check out the development process post at gameshare HERE 

The great thing about this system is it should not affect other systems like hamachi or gameranger but if it does just delete the entry's in your host file

If you want to set up your own server - run my launcher once in the server and you should be good to go.

Hi Struth,

Thanks for the info and the time you spent with creating the launcher and on letting us know.

It is a great game and even though a few of us managed to play it over Hamachi the multi person servers were missed.

Cheers again,

A big thanks to Struth for letting us know about this and making the launcher. I have just run the launcher and nothing could be simpler. Just download and run the launcher start up Graw 2
and create an account job is done.
Look forward to putting one in your head.
Ned, Donk,

Glad you have had an easy ride with the Launcher, some players are still having issues so I appreciate the feedback. BTY you only need to run the launcher once, after that you should be able to run the game from the normal graw2.exe

I have run up the old coop server and hope you might donate to GD if you are getting enough use out of the graw2 servers.

I will PM you the passwords to the servers and let me know if you want other maps uploaded to the server.