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If you have not tried it don't knock it.

A game of blocks.. but oh the wonders you can do with these blocks.

Simple graphics, simple concept but endless fun.

Offering single or multiplayer games, explore, mine, build and survive.

From fighting skeletons while wearing leather armour to slaying a dragon while wearing a diamond enchanted chestplate.

From farming all day and watching your pumpkins.. eh pump.. to mining for that illusive diamond and instead boiling in lava. From days spent building a medieval castle with lava moat to spending days making automatic windows and hidden rooms.

You imagination and resources are your only limits. Lots and lots of videos on youtube but my initiation was

Good luck, dig deep.
[Image: fQCRypT5Uoh0tqtkELTC%2Fc74Iqk%3D.png]
07-10-2013, 10:22 PM
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